By Brice P.

Imagine for a second we are in the year 2112 and civilian planetary space travel is an everyday event. Take a look at what a travel brochure might look like for your favorite planet.

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            Venus is an extraordinary planet. You can find a lot of things to see on it. It has a very big mountain called Maxwell. This mountain is the highest mountain on Venus and reaches almost 11 kilometers (7 miles) above the average height of the surface. One can compare this mountain to Mount Everest. Thanks to the dust created by the high lava activity, people can ski on this mountain. A nice lodge is waiting for you there.

Earth and Venus: Twins

            Venus is about the size of the Earth. You can make a trip around Venus in 80 days in our hot air balloon. You can rent a balloon for few dollars and make a very nice trip.

A nice show

            Nowhere else in the solar system does an atmosphere rotate some 60 times faster than the solid body of the planet itself. The show created by the difference between the rotation of the clouds and the rotation of the planet is very nice to see. Just take a one of lounge chairs and gaze wondrously at this spectacle.

A Huge Atmosphere

The atmosphere of Venus is very dense. Meteors continually blaze through our atmosphere and create a galactic light show that is entertaining and fascinating.

The Big Canyon

            One can also find very big canyons on Venus too. One of these channels extends nearly 7000 kilometers (4300 miles) and is the longest such feature ever observed. It measures 230 km wide, and up to 4.5 km deep. You can also travel above it by helicopter if you like a bird's eye view of its' brilliance.