Uranus the Green Phenomena

Lisa M.

Planetary Travel Brochure to Uranus

Uranus is a Sightseerís Dream!

Imagine for a second we are in the year 2112 and civilian planetary space travel is an everyday event. Take a look at what a travel brochure might look like for your favorite planet.

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††††††††† †††††††† Come view Uranusí extraordinary surface made with cosmic blue-green clouds that make up the beautiful ocean of ammonia. Its surface also contains violent swirling gaseous hurricanes, which travel its terrain. The blue haze seen in Uranusí skyline is a result of red light methane, which lights the night sky for all to see. Enjoy our ten dark, narrow rings made up of ice and dust from Uranusí very own soil. You can see the short stubby streaks of slightly smeared stars during its long exposure in the sky. Hold onto your seat belts as you ride parallel to the elliptical plane of Uranusí axis. Bring your suntan lotion if visiting the South Pole because you're definitely pointed straight in the direction of plenty of sunlight.

  Thereís Never a Dull Day on Uranus!

††††††††† Visitors can travel to Uranusí moon, Miranda, and explore the racetracks with parallel ridges and canyons which crisscross one another randomly. They are easy for all to see because they are images of numerous valleys of about 2160ft wide, higher than the walls of the Grand Canyon on Earth. The other moon, which is unique, Oberon, has large impacted craters surrounded by bright rays that are visible to human view. The floor of the crater is covered with very icy matter, so donít forget to bring your ice skates.

Also, on Oberon be sure to take a mountain bike to climb up the largest mountain of about 6km high, which peers through Uranusí beautiful lower cloud coverage.

You will be swept off your feet when exploring into the planets' surface and encountering the violently swirling masses of gas resembling hurricanes. But there is no need to worry because gas masks and windbreaker suites will be provided for you. If you are interested in Sound Waves you can listen to the radio waves sent out from the magnetic poles every minute. Enjoy dancing around Uranusí very own electrically charged radiation belt.

 We Take Good Care of You on Uranus!

††††††††† On Uranus there is a warning in the summer months because cloud layers made up of ammonia fall down as very heavy rain. The safety of the tourists would be provided with air tight, ammonia resistant suits, boots, and goggles. Since the atmosphere is not fit for breathing due to itís composition of hydrogen, helium, methane, and tiny amounts of ethane. So most habitats, transportation, and outdoor exploration is to be done with oxygen tanks and masks. At the moment we are working on a better way to stabilize oxygen on this planet. Since Uranus is know for itís strong magnetic field of trapped high energy charged particles there is a radiation warning for all those visiting the North and South pole. We supply Ultra Violet protection layers that are to be worn when surveying the area.

   Some Basic Facts about Uranus!

††††††††† ††††††††† Uranusí distance is 2,587,000,000 kilometers from the Earth. A day on Uranus would be exactly seventeen hours and fifteen minutes long, meaning that it takes Uranus 30,685 Earth days or 84 Earth years to move around the sun. Uranus has fifteen moons that are named and two that are unnamed. Uranusí atmosphere is made up of many gases such as hydrogen, helium, methane, and tiny amounts of other gases. This planet has a very strange geographic content it is made of mostly rock and ice, so you can imagine it would be very cold at certain latitudes. This planet is also known to be fourteen and a half sizes larger than the Earth, making it one of the biggest planets next to Jupiter!