WeLcOmE tO jUpItEr!!!

John K.

Imagine for a second we are in the year 2112 and civilian planetary space travel is an everyday event. Take a look at what a travel brochure might look like for your favorite planet.

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 †††††††††† Greetings Earthlings. Citizens of Jupiter say, come and see how beautiful and how friendly Jupiter is. First, the launch is a blast. As you can see from the picture of our shuttle blasting off from earth taken by the Hubbell telescope, it is placid and fast.

There are no population worries on our planet because of its enormous size. It is the biggest planet in the solar system. Even if you try to mix all the planets into one, we'd still be bigger. Because of Jupiterís size, people consider traveling around the planet an honorable and a courageous journey. Many people from far and wide come here just to prove to their family and friends that they're not cowards. But if you do travel around the planet, you will qualify to win a trip to IO. IO is a satellite of Jupiter, recently discovered to have ice on its surface. At IO, there exist the biggest ice rink in the galaxy. Professionals and Olympic stars come here to train. Also from IO, you can see the indescribable images and scenery of Jupiter and space. One tourist says "the scenery is so much better than a Macy's 4th of July firework show." He then wanted this picture to be in this brochure.

The good part about this is that if you travel around IO within 9 hrs. and 55 minutes., then you get to win a trip to the rings of Jupiter. Going around IO is not easy, but accomplishing the challenge entitles you to go to the rings of Jupiter. The rings are made out of dust, but is still able to handle up to 400 pounds of weight.. The rings are not perfectly horizontal. It is at an angle. The angle allows it to be one of the biggest roller coasters in the galaxy. Some people say that "it is Six Flags Great Adventure to the extreme!"

††††††††††† Since it is such as big planet, it has a big gravitational pull. Gravity pulls things down towards the core of the planet, so itís hard to travel. Whenever something is hard, itís exercise. Therefore, there are no "out of shape" people here. Nobody here gets fat as long as youíre moving a finger or two. The pressure would keep you fit and keep you in shape. Not only is this planet a tourist extravaganza, but also a training center. 2 weeks of this gravity, it is guaranteed to increase your calves and quadriceps by 500%. Play on slides of the craters.


Big planets = big craters. Try the new 5-km long slide non-stop. Itíll give you a blow. That ride is what gave people this quote "live you life to the fullest". If you donít do the slide, youíre not living to the fullest. Travel around by wind, experience superman 1st hand.


Jupiter is a place for adventure, but also a place for arts and beauty. Volcanoes, clouds, the 16 satellites, the red spot, and more are available to be and are waiting to be drawn.

You're safe on Jupiter

Extreme gravity is dangerous, but we provide suits with top-secret material. Heavy trainers such as Olympic athletes usually wear a light suit. The tourists have a crystallized sphere around them, which stays with them all day and night. It protects them from the weather and gravity. But it feels like itís not even there. The ball will also protect you from the poisonous gasses that run around. Go inside a volcano with the ball and explode back out with it. That is a fun ride, and donít worry about the ball exploding because it never does. It is government approved and dummy tested.

††††††††††† Just for your information, Jupiterís rate compared to Earth is shown below.

Jupiter is:


Hope to see you there.

   Sincerely from the President of Jupiter, John K.