A World Without

Saint Mary's H.S.
Physics 98-99

Created by the students at Saint Mary's High School in Manhasset, Long Island, New York.
This page describes what life might be like without magnetism.

About our Page

Who needs magnetism? St. Mary's H.S. 1998-99 physics class was asked to write a fictional account of what it would be like to live in a world without magnetism. Read through these short stories and see if you can list all things in our world that use magnetism.

*  Magnaville P.I. , by Aarti G.

*  Wish To Disaster, by Melissa G.

*  Fred by Jenny C.

*  And Then A Guy (Magnetism) Jumped Off The Roof, by Luis P.

*  It Could Happen, by Jan C.

*  The Outage, by Rodney C.

*   [Untitled by author], by Jeremy O.

 * The Day Nothing Worked, by Kevin M.

*  One Day I Woke Up And There Was No Magnetism, by Kevin S.

*  What To Do Without It, by Marianne F.

*   The Day There Was No Magnetism, by Valentina G.

*  Two Girls, A Guy, And A Day Without Magnetism, by Tom Langenbach

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