Kevin S.

"One day I woke up

and there was no magnetism"


Ah, another beautiful day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, everything’s wonderful! Then I step out of my hologram room to the Earth without magnetism. I have to put on my sunglasses to dim the glare of those crystal energy lamps, which are everywhere since natural light cannot exist without magnetism. No birds are singing either because there are none. Since there is no magnetism, they lost their migratory paths and all died out in the winter. It’s a shame they couldn’t adapt like humans did. Without Earth’s magnetic field to protect us from deadly cosmic rays, we shouldn’t even be alive. Luckily, our bodies adapted rather quickly to the new conditions. No magnetism has actually helped us a bit because now all of the deadly bacteria floating around have lost their way of finding food, so disease has lessened considerably.

As I start my daily walk to work, since cars can no longer function without magnetism, I see all of the old stores that were forced to close because their products no longer work without magnetism. The TV store, the electron beam in televisions can’t be produced anymore, Blockbuster, the videotapes are useless now without magnetism. A shame, there were some good movies out. Next I see the old medical building where doctors sent patients to get MRI’s. It’s a pity they don’t work anymore; they saved a lot of lives by detecting cancer early. They’re working on a new detection method now, involving the same crystal technology. Should be ready soon.

As I walk into work, I say hello to Bernie, the piano player. We’ve all had to get used to listening to live music since neither radios nor headphones work without magnetism. "How the legs feelin’, Mr. S?" "Just fine, Bernie, thanks!" Without electric motors to run things like the elevator, everyone’s had to deal with walking and taking the stairs, a lot!

I sign in and pick up my data crystals, since the old- fashioned computer disks were magnetic- based technology. The crystals are much more efficient anyway. Anyhow, I forgot that it’s our annual St. Patty’s Day office party, so I put away my data crystals and pick up my data recorder, which is so much more advanced than those old magnetic film based cameras, because I know there are going to be some great shots here. As a personal joke, Anthony, the office clown, shouts out, "Hey, which way is north?" I, not being able to resist, say back, "Just stare directly into the sun… and turn left!" since both of us knew that no compass would be of any use now.

After the very rowdy party, I’m walking home, reading the paper. "Scientists detect same strange energy fluctuations as when magnetism disappeared." Right after that, I start seeing the crystal energy lights start to flicker and smile to myself. When I get home I find there’s a message waiting for me on my trans-spatial comm channel. "Agent Falcon, this is Imperial Command. You have succeeded in your mission beyond all expectations. Earth is now ready for invasion. We will arrive shortly." Hey, a guy’s gotta make a living.