Jenny C.

March 5, 1999


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††††††††† I gotta admit that my boyfriend Fred was kind of a genius slash weirdo. There were tons of times you could say that he possessed both these qualities. Oh? You want examples? Well... there was the time when he shut down all the nations computers for 1 week, or do you want to hear about the time he blacked-out most of New York City and who could forget when he made all the traffic lights in the town go haywire! At the time we were going out he was working on a plan to make all the magnetism in the universe stop. Being such a master at physics, I realized that he probably couldnít pull it off so I just ignored him.

But anyways let me get to the good part. It was the morning of April 3rd, I remember this date so clearly because it was my dog, Princesses birthday, it was about 9:30 when I woke up because I was feeling a little queasy and plus my alarm (set at 7:00) didnít go off (although it was plugged in). I jumped out of bed, tripped over a bucket with some unknown substance in it, and reached for the phone to dial my Mom so she could tell the dean of discipline, Mr. Krams, I was going to be late. To my utmost surprise there was no dial tone......I tried dial tone.

Something really weird was going on, first my alarm clock is not working and now the phone. I went into the kitchen to see what else had gone wrong. Well, I opened the fridge and the most disgusting stench came out. All the food was rotten because the fridge wasnít working. "O.K., just calm down" I said to myself, I must be dreaming. I sat down in the TV room to relax and re-gather my thoughts and guess what! The TV isnít working. So, that was the last straw, I peeled off my clothes which for some reason seemed to be quite wet and ran out of my house thinking I had gone crazy.

When I bolted out the front door I found my parents, along with a few of our neighbors, checking out their broken down cars and trying to block themselves from the sun, which seemed quite bright that day. My parents were calm considering they were about 2 hours late for work. I asked my Mom what was going on and she started yelling at me to get back in the house, before I heard what she had said I was slowly jogging into town. I thought about how this could possibly happen (the phones and cars not working) and then I remembered my big break-up with Fred and our fight the night before. After I had dumped Fred last night (I found out he was dancing with this chick Maria at a club) I distinctly remember his last words as he walked away... "Youíll pay for this." Then I realized that was it!!! It all came together to me like a puzzle------our big breakup, him trying to take all of the magnetism out of the universe, and now all the cars & appliances not working!!! I rushed directly over to Fredís house where I found an empty house.

I suddenly felt rally faint from all the running, and queasiness and bright sun, I decided I was going to take a rest on Fredís front porch. And then my eyes opened, I was sweating terribly, the sweat had drenched my bed and my clothes. There was also this nasty smell coming from a bucket on the side of my bed. My Mom came in at about 6:45 and took my temperature but I questioned what she was doing. She told me "Sweetie you were so sick from that Chinese food last night, but I think its all out of your system still have a little fever though.." She walked out of my room and Fred walked in. He asked how I was and told me he had to get to school before he was late. As I drifted off into sleepy land I glanced at the calendar hanging on my wall it said in big black letters APRIL 3--PRINCESSES Birthday.