Marianne Folan - 3-18-99

What to do Without it

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As the beautiful sun was shining down on us a collision occurred. The collision was so great that it even startled the ants and cantaloupe, yes cantaloupe. For when I tried to use my compass, it would not point in the direction I needed to go in. I do use a compass quite often for I lose my way a lot. I keep it happy by placing it my hand during the times I get scared. I tried to follow my nose once and decided to never do it again after I realized that it would only take me straight ahead. All it did was swirls not pointing me in any particular way. I wasn’t that nervous though because I then realized I could just look at my pet lobster whenever I needed to know which direction to go.


You see, my lobster’s name is Red Dog and he can sense which part of the earth is at the North Pole. (I know- unique- right? Well actually all lobsters can do it!) I then realized that my mom had asked me to do some chores and I ran home to see that the TV, radio, and tapes were not working! Well, who can do chores with no music? I sure can’t! So my mom began to yell at me and I decided that it wasn’t worth all that trouble and took out the vacuum. But to my surprise it WOULDN’T WORK! "Hooray!" I shouted. No chores! But when I needed to go use the bathroom the light wouldn’t turn on. It was dark in the bathroom and I screamed for my mother. (She knows that I get scared on the dark.) I had no idea what was going on. It was weird.

Since I live in Paris, I loved to ride the monorail. That too didn’t work though. I wasn’t that mad though because it always is not working. Well with not having to do chores for the day, I tried to think of what else to do. The only think that came to mind was making a movie. I ran to my friend Mike’s house and told him my idea. He got mad. He told me that he couldn’t because his dad broke the video camera just 2 seconds before I walked in the door. I said it was ok and that we’d just have to borrow one. To my surprise, once again, the camera we borrowed didn’t work either. What a day!


You know what else I noticed? Cars. Not that I don’t notice them normally, but today there was no cars out. Wait- there were cars out but they were stuck in the middle of the street and the owners were running around like chickens because their cars wouldn’t start. (If they only knew what kind of a day I was having- with no music and no direction to follow.) I put on my headphones to see if they were working. They didn’t work either! My headphones are my security blanket. It is my friend waiting to talk to me. I then saw what caused that big collision. It was a meteor. Yes, a meteor! I couldn’t believe it. I had never seen one before. (Have you?) I was scared. IT felt like a dream. I only had to look up and I -BAM-Out like a light. I was brought up to the hospital, bit they couldn’t do any x-rays or anything because of something they said about something called magnetism.

"What’s magnetism?" I thought to myself. I couldn’t feel anything because my neurons where shot because of that magnetism thing too. The cancer patients were a little scared though because the radiation wasn’t working and they needed the treatment. I tried to console them by my prayers. Then I realized that last night I prayed for God to show me what was important in my life. Then I understood. He was showing me that magnetism has a great impact on everybody’s life!