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Created by the students at Saint Mary's H.S. in Manhasset, Long Island, N.Y.


About our Page

Who needs magnetism? St. Mary's H.S. 1998-99 physics class was asked to write a fictional account of what it would be like to live in a world without magnetism. Read through these short stories and see if you can list all things in our world that use magnetism.


Magnaville P.I. , by Aarti G.
Wish To Disaster, by Melissa G.
Fred by Jenny C.
And Then A Guy (Magnetism) Jumped Off The Roof, by Luis P.
It Could Happen, by Jan C.
The Outage, by Rodney C.
[Untitled by author], by Jeremy O.
The Day Nothing Worked, by Kevin M.
One Day I Woke Up And There Was No Magnetism, by Kevin S.
What To Do Without It, by Marianne F.
The Day There Was No Magnetism, by Valentina G.
 Two Girls, A Guy, And A Day Without Magnetism, by Tom Langenbach


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