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Computer Disk Drives

Sarah D.


Computers are the mind of the future. People all throughout the world use computers and computer disks. Everybody from teachers, scientists, businesses, students and all other occupations use computers. People have computers in their offices and homes. We store all kinds of information with them. Disks and disk drives play an important role in computers. Disk drives are the name for the computer's internal storage device. Without computer disks, you would not be able to store any information.

The hard and floppy disks store data magnetically. Both of these have a special coating that contains particles of iron oxide. The particles of iron oxide move and form patterns corresponding to the data being saved on the disk. A disk can hold seven hundred million bytes and can't be removed from the computer. The magnetic impressions on a hard drive are more permanent than electronic ones, so if the electricity happens to go out, you won't lose your information.

 Hard drives are usually mounted permanently inside your computer. Hard drives spin much more quickly than floppies, and require much more precision.

How Magnetism is used in Disk Drives.

Magnetism is used in the disk drives of computers to store memory. The main goal in designing a computer is to make it able to store a lot of information. The amount of information a computer can hold is measured in units called bytes. The information that is saved is stored in disks. There are three main forms that disks come in. With the invention of disk drives, computer information is saved even after the computer is turned off. Magnetic tapes on the disks store the information. The information is stored in sequence (order) on the tapes. The tapes also store information in rings. This is helpful because the computer can search through the rings more quickly to find the information you are looking for. Many people are trying to find ways for computers to hold even more information and to find it even faster. New advances in computer technology are going to make computers easier to use, quicker and hold even more bytes of information.