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Magnets and the Tube

Michael O.

The television was an invention created by a Scotsman by the name of John Logie Baird in 1923. He was able to produce an image, which was transmitted by wireless technologies.

Another man by the name of Charles Francis Jenkins incorporated his own laboratory in order to broadcast radio movies into the home as a form of entertainment. He demonstrated a motion picture of a windmill to an assembled group including the heads of Bureau of Standards, Navy, and the Commerce Department. This demonstration was a success. The navy had bought his invention for the purpose of sending weather maps to ship at sea. As time goes on the improvement of television continues even to this day. Televisions are used by people of all ages for entertainment, communications among country leaders take place which saves a country’s money from being spent on the leaders flying to meetings. The television is truly a wonderful invention, which has benefited mankind.

Electromagnetism plays an important role in a television. It is used for electromagnetic deflection and Detection yoke. Electromagnets generate the electron beam and cause it to scan the picture area. Also, the electromagnetic deflection yoke deflects or bends the beams, as in a monochrome tube to scan the screen in a television. In addition, the yoke’s magnetic field is shaped so that the three beams will be deflected in such a way that they land at the same phosphor trio on the screen at the same time and makes red, green, and blue so it gives you color picture.