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B. Pulses & Periodic Waves


1. Pulse – single vibratory disturbance that moves from point to point



Medium only moves up and down









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In which direction will segment X move as the wave passes through it?

(1) down, only (2) up, only

(3) down, then up, then down

(4) up, then down, then up





(4) up, then down, then up





When the light waves hit the surface of the bubble
it does 2 things. Name them

Reflection in a soap bubble

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Answer: When the light hits the surface of the bubble, sof the light is transmitted and some is reflected



a. When the pulse (wave) reaches a boundary with another medium, part is reflected and part is transmitted (goes through)



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b. When a pulse reaches a fixed, unyielding boundary, then the pulse is completely reflected and inverted (180°)



Transverse Wave
B. Barrett





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2. Periodic Wave – series of evenly timed disturbances in a medium







Periodic Wave













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