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Great Guitar Video

From the author

 'just happened upon this trick when testing what it was like filming from inside my guitar.
*Note this effect is due to the rolling shutter, which is non-representative of how strings actually vibrate.'

• You must have the strings brightly backlit to get the camera to capture at such a high frame rate (pure conjecture). You can see how the effect fades when the buildings come into view.
• Use a pencil
*This was used with the front facing camera, try the back camera, it may capture better! (tried it, it didn't look as good for me)

There is a heated discussion with *real science* over at reddit.





C. Vibrations & Waves




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Philip Dukes - B.Y.U.





Transverse and Longitudinal Waves


Penn State Schuylkill

Go Nittany Lions



1. Longitudinal – medium moves parallel to the direction in which the wave travels


Longitudinal Wave

Penn State Schuylkill

Go Nittany Lions


ex) Sound - Guitar String











Which guitar is vibrating with the highest frequency








Guitar on the right







Sources of Sounds







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