Doppler Effect


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Two characteristics
of the train's sound

Name them.






Loudness and


(A.K.A. pitch) 



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Doppler Effect

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St. Mary's U.
Astronomy and Physics

A bicyclist with a siren audibly demonstrates the Doppler effect (turn your speakers up!)
For more information on this and many other physics and astronomy demos, please visit: Classroom Physics Demos






Doppler Effect

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D.  Doppler Effect – variation in the observed frequency of a wave when there is relative motion between the source of the wave and the receiver

Doppler Effect V = 14 m/s
(B. Barrett)

Doppler Effect V = 18 m/s
(B. Barrett)



Stationary Ambulance? How can you tell?







Which way is this ambulance moving?





To the left


The Doppler Effect  II
Colorado University

The Doppler Effect
Michael Fowler -  Flashlets




"Which way is the

source of this wave








"To the right, where

the frequency

is higher"





Doppler Effect - Mouse

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Radar Guns & Waves

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Review - The crack of a whip


Did you know .....


The crack of a whip is the sound of the
tip breaking the speed of sound.









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