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Fill In The Blank Notes



E.  Wave Front – locus of adjacent points on a wave which are in phase


Top View

Ex) Distance between arrows = .90 cm


Wavelength of  wave?







λ = .30 cm




III. Periodic Wave Phenomena


Wave Interference
St. Mary's Physics 2011 

Show Me The Physics
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Beats - When Sounds Overlap

- Bob Barrett




Interference – effect produced by two waves passing simultaneously through a region



1. Superposition – when waves overlap, the resultant displacement is the algebraic sum of the individual displacements of each wave




Monterey Institute


a) Constructive Interference

Transverse and Longitudinal Waves
 - Emily Wee

Wave Interference
- Show Me The Physics
YouTube Channel


Spring Wave -
"Show me the Physics"  
Show Me The Physics Students
YouTube Channel






















Waves reemerge as separate waves



b) Destructive Interference


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At moment of overlap, amplitudes cancel (for a moment)







Waves reemerge as separate waves







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"As the two waves below pass through each other, the medium at

point P will ..."

(1) vibrate up and down

(2) vibrate left and right

(3) vibrate into and out of the page

(4) remain stationary

June 2004






(4) remain stationary






What will the amplitude

of the resultant wave be

when wave A and B

meet at point X?

Jan. 2004












What is the amplitude

of the wave produced

when these waves


June 2009




15 cm



Ranking Task

The diagram below shows two waves traveling in the same medium. Points A, B, C, and D are located along the rest position of the medium. The waves interfere to produce a resultant wave.

Rank the magnitude of the displacement from the equilibrium position from greatest to least. Ties Are Possible.











Interference -  1 | 2 | 3 |

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Doane College




- Paul Hewitt


Constructive Interference

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(Jason P. - 2005)

Constructive Interference II

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(R. Meija - 2005)

Destructive Interference

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