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A curveball has more than
 one measureable motion.

How many does it have? (ignore spin)

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3 Motions
Left (or Right),




Velocity - Speed in a particular direction

How many velocities does this boat have?


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Fill in the Blanks Notes

C. Velocity - speed in a particular direction




Velocity & Direction

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Focus on the man walking across this page.
Identify his 2 velocities. Which is the greater of the two?

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The answer depends on your coordinate system. The man is moving to the north (or up, forward, y) and the east (or across, to the right, x). Since his easterly displacement is greater, he has a greater easterly velocity








Ex) Joe drove 13 meters North East in 2.0 seconds

What was Joes ...

  • Northeast displacement? 

  • displacement east?

  • displacement north?



  • Northeast displacement?  13 m NE

  • displacement east? 12 m E

  • displacement north?  5.0 m N



Ex) Joe drove 13 meters North East in 2.0 seconds

We can say that Joe has 3 velocities

V = 6.5 m/s N.E.



V = 5 m N/2 seconds =


2.5 m/s North


V = 12 m East/2seconds

= 6 m/s East




1. Velocity is always written with direction





• 5.0 m/s east


• +5.0 m/s


• 100 m/s downward


• -100 m/s





2. Equation:



V = d/t



For straight line motion:


V = distance/time and direction













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