Science requires careful observations


Why does this boat float?

Ship floating on nothing! :: Physikshow Uni Bonn

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Sulfur hexafluoride is more dense
 then the surrounding air






When physicists study motion they study
displacement not distance.


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Fill in the Blanks Notes


C. Displacement - distance & direction from start to finish


1) Examples








1 m up











3 m Right

(Start to finish)












Distance = 7 meters


Displacement =

5 m N of E

2) Displacement always has ...



(a number)

..and direction


 a) Examples

5m East
7m upward
+ 17 m


b) Positive and Negative Signs also show direction




+ Usually up, right, north, east, forward



- Usually down, left, south, west, backwards



c) Symbol for displacement: d






Summary Review

At what point is
the displacement:

1) greatest?
2) zero?
3) equal to distance?

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4) What is the displacement at C?




1) B  

2) At the start

3) Any point between
start and A


Displacement at C is

4 meters down  







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