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Flux Lines - Wire Tutorial

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Fill In The Blank Notes

Ex 2) Magnetic field around Straight Conductor (A Wire) with current

Right hand rule to determine the orientation of a magnetic field around a wire

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Magnetic field flux lines around the conductor w/ current are circular.

  Field into page
Field out of page

To find the direction of the flux lines: 


a) Use north pole of a compass


b) "First Left Hand Rule" Why Left and not right??


1) Palms away, left hand thumb direction of electron flow (current)

2) fingers curl in direction of magnetic field




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Do the magnetic lines of flux go

IN or OUT at the top?













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What's wrong with this picture?







Flux lines point
out of north  into south




Visualizing Magnetic Fields at Home





A bar magnet is moving beneath the paper
that are covered with iron filings



Loop of Wire




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