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2. Projectile fired at an angle (not 0 or 90)





Projectile Path is Parabolic

Baseball Throw

Victoria Lollo - Class of 2007




Angle and Intitial Velocities

- Projectile fired at 5 m/s:

if Ө = 0

  Vix = 5 m/s,  Viy = 0

if Ө = 90

    then .....


Vix= 0 m/s and Viy = 5 m/s


If angle not 0 or 90 the  initial velocity is part vertical and part horizontal

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*** To understand this type of motion we must breakup the velocity into horizontal and vertical parts (components)






Finding Initial Horizontal & Vertical Components (parts)

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V - velocity of projectile fired

Vix - initial V in x direction

Viy - initial V in y direction





Use Trig. to Find Vix and Viy



COSӨ = A/H = Vix/V

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Initial Horizontal
Component of Velocity


Vix = VcosӨ
(on reference table)



sinӨ = Opp./Hyp. = Viy/V






Initial Vertical
Component of Velocity

Viy = VsinӨ
(on reference table)









During the times the ball is in the air,
how many times is the vertical velocity zero?

A bouncing ball captured with a stroboscopic flash at 25 images per second.

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2 times / At the Peak



Ex) A baseball is thrown upward at an angle of 30.° and a velocity of 6.0 m/s.

Find the initial horizontal & vertical components of the baseball's velocity.





Vertical Component

Viy = VsinӨ





=(6.0 m/s)sin30.°





Viy = 3.0 m/s up





Horizontal Component

Vix = VcosӨ





 = (6.0 m/s)cos30.°

Vix = 5.2 m/s across




3. Other Important Facts



dx = Vxt




ay = -9.8 m/s
Ascending (down -)

ay =+9.8 m/s2

(down +)

Vy at Peak = 0



Angles and Ranges

What angle produces the greatest range?






45 degrees


Projectile Range


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Don Ion




Name another angle
that will give the same range (dx)


55 degrees





35 degrees





65 degrees





25 degrees



55 degrees




35 degrees





20 degrees





70 degrees





Minimum Range







0°, 90°







Maximum Range












Angle with Longest
Time in Air?







90 degrees




Angle & Components

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Ex) Which angle of projection causes a projectile to stay in the air longer?


 50 or 70 degrees?



70 degrees,

(closest to 90,
longer time in air)



Ranking Task

1.   A rock is thrown at various angles but with the same initial velocity.

2°    70°    20°   5°   60°


Rank the angles above from smallest horizontal displacement (dx) to the greatest










Projectile at an Angle
- Word Problems





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