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Wavelength 1 x 10**2 meters

 Discovery of the Radio Wave:

The experiments by Hertz, Maxwell and Henry, Faraday and the invention of the telegraph by Marconi were key to steps towards our understanding and application of radio waves.

How Radio Waves are Used :


Radio waves are used to transmit the pattern of a heartbeat through a monitor at a patient's home to a nearby hospital. They are also used to radio the condition of a patient from an ambulance to a hospital. Radio waves are used in medicine when paramedics are dispatched to the scene where they are needed. The hospital can tell the paramedics the condition of the person so that the paramedics can prepare a medical treatment kit.


Radios are also used in industry, mainly in the transportation business. Radio waves can also be used to provide communication on construction sites.


Radio waves from outside the earth are detected using in radio telescopes. Radio waves are picked up when they hit the antenna of the radio telescope. The wave then goes to the tuner, then to the amplifier, and finally to the plotter.

 Consumer Goods:

These waves are used in the remote control models which people buy. They are also used in radios, televisions and wireless headphones.


There are no real direct dangers that go along with radio waves. However if we are sending important messages through outer space, there are ways for United States adversaries to intercept or change this information.

Celestial bodies that transmit radio waves:

Karl Jansky was the first to determine that radio emission from the heavens could be detected. At the Bell Laboratory in 1932, Jansky built a rotating antenna, a ray operable at 14.6m, and attempted to investigate the source of the short wave interference. He found that there was a hiss-type static that was the most intense when the antenna was directed downward towards the center of the galaxy. He found that the galaxy itself was an intense source of radio radiation. Some celestial bodies which emit radio waves that sound like static are Venus and Jupiter. These sounds are caused by terrestrial thunderstorms.

Interesting information not included above:

There is a pentagon-sponsored radio physics project called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). It is intended to expand knowledge about long-range radical communications and surveillance.

According to a U.S. - Japanese team led by James Moran from the Harvard Smithsonian center for astrophysics in Cambridge Mass. there are structures deep within the spiral galaxy NGC 4258. The core is said to have a minimum density of 100 million suns per cubic light year. This density exceeds the density of any other galactic center measured by radio telescope.

A.M. frequencies(Amplitude Modulation) are ground waves which means they runs on a different set of frequencies than FM. F.M. (Frequency Modulation) is a line sight wave.


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