Waves - General Information

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Electromagnetic Spectrum
Basic explanation of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
American Astronomical Society Home Page
Home page for the American Astronomical Society.
ICRR Home Page
Home Page from the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research of the University of Tokyo.
EMF-Link Home Page
A Biomedical Science and Engineering Clearinghouse on Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF).
Finding Dinosaurs Remains With Waves
Nuclear Weapons Page
Information on nuclear weapons, from Finland.
U.WI. Physics Demonstrations Home Page
Physics Department Lecture Demonstrations Home Page from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.
New Observations and Discoveries
New astrophysics discoveries at NASA.
NASA Dryden WWW Home Page
Information from NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.
MR Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory
Information on the Electromagnetic Compatibility Lab at the University of Missouri-Rolla.
Spectral Libraries
Spectral libraries of pure compounds.
TAMU Electromagnetics and Microwaves Group
Home page for the Electromagnetics and Microwaves Group at Texas A&M.
General Types
Basic information on Gamma Rays, from the Department of Energy.


NASA Conducts Sonic Boom Tests with SR-71
Information on Sonic Boom tests conducted by NASA.
Sonic Booms Fact Sheet
Basic information on Sonic Booms.
How Ultrasound Waves are used on broken bones.
Using Ultrasound to detect birth defects
Sonic Foundry: Overview of Digital Sound
Overview of digital sounds
The importance of waves in signal processing
Preserving Sound
The ways we record sounds
What is ultrasound?
Description of ultrasound

Radio Waves and Microwaves

Biological Effects of Radiowaves and Microwaves
Research topics of microwaves
Different topics related to microwaves


Infrared Space Observatory Home Page


Laser Programs Home Page
'This page describes research in inertial confinement fusion, quantum electronics, laser-matter interactions, and materials processing.'
Vacuum Ultra Violet Laser, broadly tunable, highly efficient
This page describes the part of the electromagnetic spectrum just beyond the far Ultra-Violet region.
SEO Research Division
This describes how the Research Division in Concord, Massachusetts carries out a wide range of activities in the field of solid state lasers.
LFI: How Lasers Work
How Lasers work and why they're useful

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet Light-The basics
Basic explanation. Also includes some dangers associated with UV light.
Ultraviolet Light - NASA
Basic explanation of UV light.
Stratospheric Ozone Depletion - Canada
Holes in the Ozone Layer and how UV rays can come through them, causing damage.
Ultraviolet Light

X-rays and Gamma Rays

What the IMIX is and what it does.
Overview of Solar Flares
APOD: June 24, 1995 - Gamma Ray Crab, Geminga
Generating X-Rays with Receiving Tubes
How receiving tubes are used in x-ray production
AltaVista: Simple Query Xray astrophysics branch
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen - Discovered x-rays on November 8, 1895
Gamma Rays and Solar System Formation?
X-Ray, Ultraviolet, and Surface Physics
A discussion of soft x-rays. They are photons in the energy range of about 150-1600 eV
GLAST: The Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope
(GLAST) - a proposed telescope for the future.