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Wavelength: 7.5 x 10 ^ - 7 meters to 1 x 10 ^ - 4 meters.


Sir William Herschel

The discovery of this wave occurred because many early experiments searched for similarities between infrared energy and visible light. These were finally revealed when, in 1847, Armand Hipolyte, Luis Pizeau and Jean B. Foucault of France showed that infrared radiation produced interference patterns similar to those of visible light.

 Man-Made Process Used to Make Infrared:

Tungsten-filament lamps produce radiant heat instead of visible light. The filament, which is sealed in a gas filled bulb or quartz tube is heated by an electric and operated at a temperature of 4000 degrees F. to produce infrared rays.

One use of infrared that we see every day is a TV remote control .



Doctors use infrared lamps to treat skin diseases and relieve the pain of sore muscles. In these treatments, the infrared rays pass through the patient's skin and produce heat.


Scientific advances pertaining to infrared have allowed buildings to keep cool even in the summer. Gold transparent films in the windows of large office buildings reflect infrared and help to keep temperatures cool.

 Consumer Goods:

Photographers use film that is sensitive to infrared rays to take pictures in places where there is no visible light. Burglar alarms also use infrared.


Infrared is used extensively in specially-designed ovens for drying painted and enameled surfaces, leather, metals, papers and textiles.


Although infrared is important, it also has some dangers associated with it. The thin gold films on space crafts reflect infrared rays from the sun which can harm both people and the equipment on the craft.


In order to protect ourselves and the environment from these dangers, precautions must be taken such as wearing sunglasses and sun block to block the infrared rays from our bodies.

Infrared from Outer Space

The celestial bodies that emit infrared rays are the sun and stars that are in the making, and stars that are dying. These celestial bodies emit infrared rays because of their high temperatures and great heat. Half the sun's rays are infrared rays.

Other Interesting Facts about Infrared:

A recent magazine article talked about how infrared radiation is used to obtain pictures of distant objects that are unclear due to atmospheric haze. The detection of infrared radiation is used by astronomers to observe stars that are invisible in ordinary light or emit radiation.

Infra means below; Infrared rays have a lower frequency other than red rays. Infrared devices were used during WW2 and enabled sharpshooters to see their targets in total darkness. Balometers are used to detect infrared. Balometers measure small amounts of heat produced by types of radiant energy, chiefly infrared rays. Infrared can be seen if exposed to compressed air.

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