ref and reflect



A wave entering a slower medium

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Is this refraction? Angle of incidence?





No. The wave is changing speed but not bending.





a) Which wave characteristic changes? stays the same?

b) How many times faster is the blue medium than yellow medium?


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a) wavelength decreases in blue medium

b) frequency is the same

c) Blue medium is twice as fast



b. n and V


n1v1 = n2v2

1 – incident medium
2 – refractive medium



Name all the ways these waves are different.

What characteric(s) do the waves have in common?

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Direction, Velocity, Wavelength are different

Frequency is the same




Waves, Refraction, Velocity, Wavelength

Slow to Fast Medium



When a light changes media, its wavelength changes NOT its frequency

c. n, λ


n2λ2 = n1λ1






When light refracts it BENDS, CHANGES SPEED and WAVELENGTH




Which medium is faster?







Top medium, has larger wavelength



Refraction and Wavelength
Don Ion



Why No Refraction?




Angle of incidence = 0







Ex) What is the angle of incidence?, angle of refraction?






0 degrees, 0 degrees




What's wrong with this picture?





Lower left ray is not possible




What is the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction?

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Using pins to trace the path of light
from air into glass and back into air

NOVA (PBS) explains how refraction makes diamonds sparkle




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