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Fill in the Blank Notes


Electromagnetic Radiation - waves of energy generated by the acceleration of charges



Why can't neutrons make this kind of wave?



Have no charge


- travel at the speed of light in a vacuum



3 x 108 m/s

 Electromagnetic Wave
Santa Barbara City College


Electromagnetic Waves



Charges "shake" off their energy


 in waves when they vibrate



Vibrating Charges &
Electromagnetic Waves
Physics 2000

3d Electromagnetic Wave
 - David M. Harrison

3d Electromagnetic Wave # 2
 - David M. Harrison






Electromagnetic Radiation

 - Wavelength and Frequency
Spectrum © W. Bauer


Conversion of a DICOM-format X-ray from a ten year old male showing polydactyly. This is the patient's left hand, posterior-anterior projection. Identifying tags and such have been stripped. en:User:Drgnu23, subsequently altered by Grendelkhan, Raul654, and Solipsist.



In the late 40's & early
50's, an x-ray unit was
a common shoe store
sales promotion device.
They were finally
banned in the US in 1970. 


Source - Museum of quackery 



Meet the Pedoscope


Source - Museum of Quackery - Bob McCoy


Which wave has the
smallest wavelength?

(hint: most penetrating)





Gamma Rays,






Which wave has the
smallest frequency?





Radio Waves





Which Color Has the
Greatest Wavelength?








Smallest Wavelength?






Which color of light has a
frequency of 6.0 x 1014  Hz?






What is the frequency

of light whose wavelength

is 6 x 10-7 m?


v = fl


3x108 m/s = f[6 x 10-7 m]


f = 5  x 1014 Hz

What color?





Try this at home

Seeing invisible waves with your cellphone












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