A crystal with Double Vision


Double refraction in calcite - Each refracted ray has a different polarization




Doppler Effect for Light


Doppler Effect
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Which way is this wave moving?









Doppler Effect
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There is a change in the observed frequency (color) of light as a very fast source of light moves toward or away from an observer




Doppler diagram

Doppler Shift

Doppler Shift. Red and blue shifts.
Light from moving objects will appear to have different
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Observed in
fast moving stars




Memory Trick











Doppler Effect

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Star color becomes redder

Star color becomes bluer




Same Element / Different Speeds

Absorption or Emission Spectra?

Travelling TOWARD or AWAY?

Which source is travelling fastest?

redshift diagram

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Rainbows in a Soap Bubble

by SoapbubbleDK

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The interference between the light waves that reflect off the outside and inside of the bubble cause this effect.

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