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Kieff, Ptj, Wikipedia, public domain







B) Standing Wave – waves produced when two waves of the same frequency and amplitude travel in opposite directions in the same medium (Musical instruments)


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Remember the old slinky song?


Standing Waves Interactive

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3. Use the slider to change the phase

This interactive graph was created by HS physics teacher and Ed Tech wizard, Dan Hosey







Parts of a Standing Wave

Standing Wave

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Ruben's Flame Tube


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How many antinodes are in each picture?

(focus on the lower half of the guitar)

Physics of the
Acoustic Guitar




2, 4, 10



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Maximum Destructive Interference Occurs
at the Nodes




Standing waves can
also be produced by reflection


How many nodes?









How many antinodes?








How many waves?











Standing Wave
and Frequency

C. K. Eng


How many wavelengths?


Wikipedia, Houtlijm, public domain


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One Antinode



Four Antinodes

Illustration of vibrations of a drum - Oleg Alexandrov
Public Domain Image







"How many antinodes?

How many wavelengths?" 






2 antinodes, wavelength = 3.0 m 



Identify the NODES and the ANTINODES


June 2016




[ AP Standing Waves Notes ]












Standing Waves/

Berkeley Univ.

Standing Waves
sWake Forest .U.

(Chladni Disk)




Water Drop in Zero g

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Standing Waves
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