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 Drag and Drop Displacement



Video Instruction




Fill in the Blanks Notes


II. Motion Diagrams - plots of motion data


Detailed, visual way
of describing motion


Both plots show an increasing displacement

Describe the velocity for each.

Constant Velocity

Increasing Velocity



A. Displacement vs. Time Plot



(d) Displacement (m)

Calculate the Velocity
from 2 to 4 sec

  V = ∆d/∆t  


= (10. m - 5.0 m)/(4.0 s - 2.0 s)


= +2.5 m/s



(d) Displacement (m)

Velocity from 4 to  6 seconds?






= +2.5 m/s




(d) Displacement (m)

What is happening from 6 to 8 seconds? 

Motion Map

5 m in 2 sec / 5 m in 2sec / 5 m in 2 sec 

10 m backward in 2 sec

(d) Displacement (m)


Slope of a
d vs. t graph
 = velocity


Describe the various motions shown in this plot

A to B?

Constant Velocity




B to C?



Increasing V,
then Decreasing V








 V = 0




D to E ?




Increasing V




Motion Diagrams II



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