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IV. Motion Equations for Problem Solving



When an object is moving at a constant acceleration we can use the following equations to find motion information







A. Constant Accel. Equations
(see Reference Table)



1. Average Velocity



V = (Vi + Vf)/2


V = Δd/Δt






2. Acceleration:



a = (Vf - Vi)/t



Cross multiply & Solve 


at = (Vf - Vi)


Add Vi to both sides


Vf = Vi + at



3. Displacement:



V = Δd/Δt







B. Additional Equations



Take Equation 3 and solve for d




Δd = V Δt







• Substitute Equation 1 into previous equation



Δd =[(Vi + Vf)/2]Δt 




Since Vf = Vi + at




Δd =[(Vi + (Vi + at)/2]Δt

Gather like terms and solve for d


Δd =Vit +1/2at2




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