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Simple Harmonic Motion

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KE1 + PE1 = KE2 + PE2



Where is the a the greatest? smallest?

a is greatest at ends (F is greatest)

a = 0 in middle since F = 0




 - time for one full cycle

- determined by ....


mass and k

m = mass in kg

 k = spring constant = F/x (N/m)

T = 1/f


PHET Animation
Mass Hanging on a Spring




PE at C equals .....



KE at B



Ex) Mass M is attached to a spring with a spring constant k

If the maximum displacement of a mass M from its equilibrium position is A, find the velocity of the mass at B is



PEmax = KE

1/2kA2 = 1/2mv2







Velocity Amplitude Direct


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PHET Animation






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