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"What values would a

bathroom scale have on

 a trip from the 1st

to the fifteenth floor?"

Imagine a person weighs 600. N








Start - Scale reading goes up
(greater than 600. N) Inertia
 (Object rest tends to stay at rest)



Most of trip up:

(W = 600. N) Constant velocity
Net force = 0



Slow Down and Stop
- (Scale reading less than 600. N)
Object in motion tends to stay in motion



Is this elevator going up or down?








The elevator was going down.





2nd Law - Relationship between F, m, a



Inertia - Dr. Dave Hall of Fame



Unbalanced forces
cause objects to accelerate:



(m) a  =    Fnet (N)
(s2) m (Kg)


Fnet = Resultant






1.  Acceleration is directly proportional to the force exerted on an object




a F 

x 3 
x 3

x 2 
x 2

divided by 3  divided by 3

divided by 2  divided by 2

x 2/3
x 2/3






"All cars are moving to the right. Which are speeding up. Which are slowing down? Which are moving at constant velocity"

Jan 2006





1 - Speeding up 2 - Slowing Down, 3,4 constant velocity











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