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Section _____________                                     Physics


Geometry and Trigonometry for Regents

Lab Worksheet (Maximum Score = 44 points)


I. Vector - quantity with magnitude (size) and direction Ex) 5 meters East, 4m/s West, 5 Newtons South


  1. Displacement - Distance and direction from Start to Finish


Ex 1) 



What’s the distance?_______What’s the displacement ________                                                                                       

Ex 2) A man walks 4 meters east then 4 meters south.


1) Draw and LABEL the vector diagram (1 cm = 1 meter) showing the man's walk and label the displacement vector (1 points).










2)     What is the man's displacement?  ________________ (1 point)














A.     Velocity Components

       V = 40 m/s

1)     Carefully draw and label the horizontal and vertical components of this velocity vector   (2 points).

2)     Measure the angle between the horizontal and the vector __________ (1 point)


3)     What formula on the reference table would you use to find the horizontal component of the vector?


a) Find the horizontal component ____________________(2 point)


     b) Find the vertical component of the vector____________________ (2 point)

B. Force Vectors


1) Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant of the vectors below _____________ (1 point) LABEL the resultant.

2) Carefully sketch the resultant into the drawing below (1 point)


3)     What is the magnitude and direction of the equilibrant? _____________ (1 point)

                                                NOTE – Not drawn to scale



4) Carefully sketch the equilibrant into the picture above. (1 points)


5) Draw the resultant of the following pairs of vectors. (2 points)




6)       Draw the force vector 50 Newtons 30 degrees North of East on to the cart below (from the middle of the car) (2 points)  Scale 1 cm = 10 Newtons




B.     Free Body Diagrams - Diagram that shows all the forces acting on a body



1)  A cart is moving down a ramp. Carefully draw the weight force, friction force and normal force on the cart. (3 points)





II. Light


A.    Reflection


1)    Draw and label the normal with a dotted line (1 point)

2)     Measure and label the angle of incidence (2 point) __________

3)     Draw in the reflected ray (1 point)

4)    How big is the angle of reflection? ___________ (1 point) 

5)     Draw the angle of reflection into the diagram below.(1 point)



B) Refraction - the bending of light caused when light changes media


 1)    Draw the normal into the diagram above. (use a dotted line) (1 point)


2)     What is the angle of incidence?  ______________ (1 point)

3)    What is the angle of refraction? _______________ (1 point)]

4)    Label the angle of incidence in the diagram above with the symbol qin  (1 point)

5)    Label the angle of refraction in the diagram above with the symbol qref  (1 point)

1) In the gray region, draw the flux lines created by these two magnets  (1 point)








2)    Draw the flux lines ON and AROUND the bar magnet above. (1 point)


 III.         Waves




1)    Measure the following properties of the wave above. (report your measurements with the correct significant digits that show the accuracy of your measuring device)


 a) wavelength ______________ (1 point) b) amplitude _________________(1 point)


2)    If the frequency of this wave is 10 Hz, what is the speed of the wave? (3 points)


 3)    Draw a second wave to the picture above that has the same amplitude but twice the frequency of the original. (1 point)