(The conclusion is on a separate page. It should not be included on the Data and observations page)




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Your Conclusion grade will be based on how well you:


1. accomplished what you said you were going to do in the Purpose section (6 points)


2. included all the major discoveries that were made in your lab. (6 points)


3. analyzed results and drew correct conclusions. (6 points)


3. supported all conclusions made by referring to specific data and/or plots(6 points)


4. wrote clearly, concisely and logically (6 points)

And of course part of your grade will be based on the accuracy of your results.

(12 points)



Staple your lab report in this order

Page 1 Heading to Procedure

Page 2 Data and Observations

Page 3 Graphs

Page 4 Conclusion

Page 5 Raw Data (Loose leaf paper with raw data and attached ribbon)