I. Kinematics - Graphing Flash Cards

1.Which two graphs best represent the motion of an object falling freely from rest near Earth's surface?

2. Which pair of graphs represents the same motion of an object?


3. The graph below shows the velocity of a race car moving along a straight line as a function of time. time.

a) What is the magnitude of the displacement of the car from t = 2.0 secs to t = 4.0 secs?

b) Find the acceleratiion












4. The graph below represents the motion of an object.

According to the graph, as time increases, the velocity of the object 

1 decreases 2 increases 3 remains the same


5. Describe the
velocity and
for each choice

1) v a

2) v a

3) v a

4) v a

6. Which graph best represents the motion of a block accelerating uniformly down an inclined plane?