Gravity and Momentum

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  1. If the Fg on sun by the moon was ten newtons, the Fg on the moon by the sun will be what quantity ?
  2. Kgm/s is equal to____?
  3. It takes five newtons to move a rectangular block across a table at constant velocity. If the block is flipped on the side with a smaller surface area, it will take_____newtons to move it at constant velocity.
  4. At constant velocity what is the net force always equal to?
  5. When two or more objects interact, the total momentum before is equal to the total momentum ____.
  6. As the unbalanced force applied on an object decreases, the time rate of change of the objects momentum_______.
  7. If the direction of momentum of an object is East, the direction of velocity is in what direction?
  8. Two factors that can determine the amount of friction between two objects are force and _____.
  9. A 3kg weight is hanging still on a string. This means there is____momentum.
  10. In what direction is the weight force?
  11. What metal needs the least amount of force to move it at constant velocity across a steel floor? (Ref.T)
  12. What is the mutual force of attraction between any two objects in the universe?
  13. This type of friction is the force opposing the motion of an object sliding over a surface.
  14. Mass times____is equal to the objects momentum.
  15. If you doubled the weight force on a moving object you would_____the friction force.
  16. A 2kg animal laying down has a gravitational force on the Earth of_____Newtons. (remember gravity acceleration can vary)


  1. The relationship between the force due to gravity and the distance between 2 centers is ? (2 words)
  2. As an object falls freely toward the Earth, its momemtum_______.
  3. A weak golfer could hit a ball further than a strong golfer by applying the force for a longer____.
  4. An two newton force imparts an impulse of eight newtons-seconds to an object. The force acted on the object for how many seconds?
  5. The law of conservation of momentum states that if no external force is acting on a system, the total momentum of the system will be (the) ____.
  6. Impulse is measured in the unit _____seconds
  7. The slope of a Fg vs. r plot the slope is _________ ?
  8. Kinetic friction is always____than static friction?
  9. The force that is always perpendicular to the surface.
  10. Weight is measured in the same units as
  11. Momentum is which type of quantity?
  12. If the mass of an object was halved, the gravitational force between it and the other object would be
  13. ____ friction is equal and opposite to the applied force parallel to the surface that is required to get its motion going.

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