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  1. Where on a bar magnet is the magnetic field strongest?
  2. A strong electromagnet has a large current, a highly permeable core and a large number of wire _________.
  3. Magnetism is always present when electrical charges ______________.
  4. An electromagnet would have the greatest strength if its wire were wrapped around a core made of ________.
  5. The magnetic lines of force near a long straight current-carrying wire have a _______ shape.
  6. The magnetic field around a bar magnet is mapped by drawing magnetic ______. (2 words)
  7. The strongest magnetic field is created when the north pole of a magnet is placed near the ______ pole of another magnet.
  8. When a charge is shot at an angle of 90 degrees to an electric field, the angle of deflection depends on the amount and _____ of the charge and the strength of the magnetic field.
  9. A core with a high permeability has the ability to ___________ the magnetic field of an electromagnet.
  10. The amount of electric potential induced in an electric generator depends on how ______ you move a loop of wire through a magnetic field.
  11. Electricity is created when you move a loop of wire in a __________ ___________ (two words)
  12. Moving electrical charges produce ________ fields.
  13. The ___________ pole of a compass is used to determine the direction of a magnetic field.
  14. An electron moving ________to a magnetic field will experience no magnetic force.
  15. The presence of a uniform magnetic field may be detected by using a _________.
  16. The field around a permanent magnet is caused by motions of _________.


  1. If the _________of an electron moving perpendicularly through a magnetic field were increased, the force on the electron would increase.
  2. A conductor is moving perpendicularly to a uniform magnetic field. Increasing the speed of the conductor will cause the _________ ____________ generated to increase. (2 words)
  3. The electrons generate magnetic fields by _________ on their axis.
  4. When a wire in a magnetic field is moved in a 90 degree angle it generates _______ electricity
  5. As a charged particle moves through a magnetic field, the particle is deflected. The magnitude of the magnetic force acting on the particle is directly proportional to the ________ _________ on the particle. (two words)
  6. A generator converts mechanical energy to __________ energy.
  7. The flux lines of a strong magnetic field are very ________ .
  8. This English physicist discovered that a wire with current will move when placed perpendicular to a magnetic field.
  9. A compass is used to find the _________ of the magnetic field.
  10. The direction of the flux lines of a bar magnet: ______ of north into south.
  11. As the current in a conductor is increased, the strength of the magnetic field at a point near the wire __________.
  12. An electron moving in a uniform magnetic field experiences the maximum magnetic force when the angle between the direction of the electrons motion and the direction of the magnetic field is _________.
  13. The region in which a magnet experiences a force is called a magnetic _____.

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