Famous Satellites

Andrew P. / Physics 336 / April 17,1997
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You can tell a lot about what a satellite is doing by its name. You can tell if its the very first kind or a later model. For example, the very first satellite, Sputnik 1, Which means "fellow traveler". A satellite is a fellow traveler of the earth. In history their have been many satellites that have improved our outlook of space. Also at the same time they helped us find new and more information about our planet.

First Artificial Satellite:

As I mentioned earlier, Sputnik 1, which was launched in 1957, became the earth's first artificial satellite. This truly marked the beginning of the space age. There are now about 5,000 artificial satellites orbiting the earth. Some of these satellites are still hard at work, and some of these have significantly changed our outlooks pertaining to the earth, and space.


Scientific Uses of Satellites:

Many of these satellites from the beginning have lead us to perceive new and more modified ways to communicate with each other. But one of the most controversial was the introduction of espionage satellites. After the U.S. fell into the trend of launching satellites, they created the first spy satellite. Roosevelt, president at the time, decided to keep this a private issue. He used the excuse that the satellite was used to test radioactivity in space. The name of the satellite, or the code name "Careen". Besides espionage, satellites have other very important functions, such as communication. Communication satellites on a commercial bases began with the founding of the (COMSAT) in 1963. Satellites also help us learn about our environment, and how we should modify our ways to save our earth. One organization that performs these studies, is NOAA, which operates a number of satellites. They observe the air, water, and land. They monitor pollution and possible damage to the ozone layer in the earth's upper atmosphere. They also keep a watchful eye on plant and animal life. These satellites, determine the proceedings of our future keeping an eye on what we can't acknowledge from down here.


Modifying the uses of Satellites:

In this realm of science the technology will probably never secede in improving itself through the years. Certain advances have included communication satellites. " Which have entered a period of transition from-to-point high capacity trunk communications between large, costly ground terminals to multipoint -to- multipoint communications between small , low- costing stations." This method is produced by lasers. This laser technology to satellite communication has been studied for over a decade. These laser beams can be used to transmit signals between a satellite and the earth.



As advances occur everyday, its safe to say that the more time goes by, the more information we obtain. And with this new information we can use it to our outpost benefit. Taking this new knowledge and transforming to our use, we can learn to make our living conditions better, and maybe, improving our thoughts.