About this Web Page

 Every year I ask my regents physics classes to write about a particular topic in physics. Last year we wrote about artificial satellites and the year before that we wrote about electromagnetic radiation. This year I decided that magnetism would be a good topic. I thought this topic would really illustrate the many ways that mankind's knowledge of physics has been applied to create important everyday uses. Magnets are used in the electric motors that power all our household appliances, they are used in power stations to create the electricity we use everyday and they are used to record and playback music. Magnets play an important role in so many consumer products and are finding new and interesting applications in the health field.

 Mr. Mangiacapre - St. Mary's HS Manhasset, NY

 Special Thanks

A lot different students were responsible for making this web page but I would like to give special thanks to a few students who went far beyond the call of duty by volunteering hours of their free time to see this project to completion.

Special Thanks to:

Anne P. - For her huge investment of time and effort. For never giving up and for her dedication to excellence. For maintaining her usual cheerfulness and humor even when things were getting a little frustrating.

Nelson L. - For a tremendous job in scanning all the pictures you see on this page.


Caroline M. - For formatting most of the text you see on this web site.